Wife, dog mom, and burger queen. Photographers bios are all about “their passions, their love for cherishing moments, and how they would love to share your story”, blah blah blah. I have been doing this long enough to know what you really want- what kind of experience are you going to anticipate when hiring a full-service photographer?!

You can ask me all about how I began as a photographer on our initial consultation, but I really want to show you what’s most important and that is sharing with you how others perceive me, which is ultimately going to be your veiw point. Check out the reviews here!


If you must know more...

Dual entrepreneur of Dana Frames Photo + Design, Inc. (est. August 2009) and The MKTG Brand (link to mktg brand website) (est. June 2018), I do everything possible to work on creating human-to-human narratives and marketing strategies to showcase your lifestyle or your business’ brand story. It is my mission to help you preserve & communicate the change you want to see in our world, whatever that may be. It is my job to document the story of you.

I build mutual relationships with my clients on a few simple principles- trust, honesty, and appreciation for the process of creating art.