I'm not the best at blogging

So, it's been about a month and two weeks since my last blog post- I am the WORST marketing consultant, EVER! 

With that being said, my "bright side" to the almost 48 day hiatus from this page is a testament of how my life has been rapidly moving, changing, and growing. 

1) Growing- We will start here. Since the last blog post, I've celebrated my 26th Birthday on December 30, my hair has managed to be a couple of centimeters longer, and I have now grown to a point in my business where I can handle 10 Weddings each year as opposed to 8. 

2) Changing- The first week of my new job has come and gone. I am now a part-time Guidance counselor for a Life Insurance School, helping to provide marketing services and build marketing strategies for new Life Insurance agents. Sound Random? I've been working as a Marketing Director for a Life Insurance wholesaler for about 2 years now, and excited to keep both jobs running smoothly side by side. I'm very excited that this new role fits my schedule, interests, and abilities perfectly! 

3) Moving- I tell ya, I've been getting my steps this winter! I've been focusing on my mental and physical health the past few months since being out of work and juggling a record season with my photography business. In doing so, I've been tied (literally) to my Apple Watch to keep me exercising and breathing. I am trying to avoid having any panic-attack-stress-freakout moments because I am still human! Not to mention, since last post, my husband and I have traveled quite a bit from our California road tip across the entire state, a cruise in December, and 12 days with family in friends celebrating the Holiday Season in Chicago. That definitely helped to take my mind off of work for a bit. 

With all of that said, I just wanted to give you a small update on my life, and give you a super lame excuse on why this page has been so MUTE for 48 days. I'd love to share with you some of my favorite images from December photo shoots: Check them out below!

I hope to bring you as many photographic stories, journeys, and "thoughts of the day" in 2017. Stay tuned! 

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