Happy Birthday, Holzners!

When you think of the ages 89 and 90, can you imagine what life would be like for you?

I can look at these two and think that age is simply, "Just a number". Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Annie are the loving and hilarious relatives of my best friend, Lindsey. 

I was so fortunate enough to celebrate their 89th & 90th birthday- yes, a couple married 65 years together who share the SAME birthday- at their favorite Mexican restaurant in Wrigleyville, Mi Tierra. They are the first in the restaurant at 10:00 AM each morning, while the regular operating hours are 10:30 AM because their business is as frequent as 5 of the 7 days of the week. Not to mention, they bring their favorite #ChicagoCubs mugs for their coffee. 

These two have stories you wouldn't believe: both traveling the world together and raising 5 Chicago-born children. Charles, 90 is the most interesting man, having scuba dived until he was in his late 80's as one of the first scuba instructors in the nation. 

Happy birthday you two- may you continue to age so gracefully and living a fun and busy life together!