Enjoying MasterChef Creations at Valley Center Lavender Farm

      Tonight's evening was nothing short of a refreshing and organic experience with the quintessential elements of Valley Center's finest hospitality. The Keys Creek Lavender Farm set the venue for tonight's farm-to-table dinner experience hosted by the contestants of MasterChef Season 7 creatives, Bill & Ashley Travers. 

      The six-course meal consisted of the following plate


Course 1 Local Harvest Puff Pastry
figs.caramelized red onion.lavender goats cheese.local honey

Course 2 Roasted Ambercup Squash Soup
brown butter sage cream.toasted cajun pumpkin seeds.grilled baguette

Course 3 Pear Autumn Salad with Pork Belly Cracklings
Bosc pears.aged cheese.pumpkin pie candied pecans.lavender vinaigrette

Course 4 3 Cheese 5 Spice Ravioli
chanterelles.heirloom tomato garlic coulis.lavender basil oil

Course 5 Surf n Turf
filet mignon.lobster.cavier.thyme béarnaise.asparagus

Course 6 Lebanese Lavender Cream Slice
ayesh el saraya in English translates to Bread of the Sultans Palace  vanilla sweet bread.lavender cream custard.pistachios.rosewater 

       I had such a great time savoring and shooting this incredible event hosted by my friends, Ashley & Bill Travers. Enjoy some of these sneak peak photos from the event!