THIRTYsix rule

I’ve worked with multiple Social Media projects across a variety of brands, industries, and business with the frustrations of having to “reinvent the wheel”with each social media post. Trying to dominate the tools and messaging of the web sometimes led to a disasterous knot of confusing branding, messaging, and inconsistent efforts.  

Instead, consider the 36 rule.

You will never suffer writer’s-block again while creating your social media campaigns. Create infinite ideas from this simple model, right when your consumers are expecting it. 

6 Content Categories:

T ell what’s going on- News & Announcements

Your business is a living, breathing, and exciting being. Share what’s great about what you are doing! It’s not boasting if they are also genuinely excited about your success as well!

H elp solve a problem with your product, service, or offering

Revealing the benefits of your product or service can come in handy for the ideal customer out there, especially for your followers who love your brand. You are relevant to them, so help them remember that with the problem- solution model of messaging. 

I  nspire positivity

Quotes or motivational messages are always very impactful on social media. Keep your brand in mind as you can create the “full circle” with a color, typeface, or graphic.

R eviews & Experience

Customer Testimonials or showcasing something exciting that your employee/ teacher did is worth the shout-out! Talk about something you appreciate in your clients or the day, or let others talk about you and re-share it. It’s always nice to show you’re doing a great job.

T each something you’re good at, or that you just found out.

Read news Articles: What are you constantly excited to be learning about? Share them and summarize- you’re researching and growing anyway, why not create content from this to showcase your expertise?

Y ou- what makes you different

Personality, Photos, and Check-In’s are really great to help create the unique value that is your brand and business. Keep yourself at the forefront, that’s what keeps your services and products proprietary! Don’t forget to always keep your professional image, no matter what your thoughts or beliefs, ask yourself, is this going to do more harm than good?

...6 times a week



  1. Layout your content in a calendar: or use or HootSuite

    1. Identify what your “off” day is and lay out all of your content (Sundays might be best for industries working the 9-5, but Tuesdays may be best for Service Industry, Mondays might be best for retail)

    2. What is your busiest time of day or day of the week and what message will be consumed best during that day?

  2. Pick 6 images or create them yourself for that week. Is there a theme, will each post flow to the next? Don’t rush on the visuals, they are what grab the most attention in the sea of messages.

  3. With each message, there should be a link SOMEWHERE to create a call to action if needed. Or else, the CTA is for them to share, like, or comment on your posts. Figure out how you can interact. Hashtags are just as important for the Twitter & Instagram world. Keep these links tiny with bitly or google url shortener. 

  4. BLOG about each message that is appropriate. It’s okay to sum-up a news article if you can actually write something interesting to coincide, or else just keep it as a post. You ultimately want the followers to link back to your blog to help drive traffic back to your site. Tag each blog post within your website let’s keep the SEO ratings high!

  5. BOOST your posts! If it’s in your budget, spending $9 each week for 4 weeks is just $36 per month. This is how you will expand your audience, grow your lists, and reach new people who will fall in love with your messaging.

  6. Recycle and Repeat! Take this process and rotate it each week.

Dana Magnus