Where to find the spring blooms in Valley Center, CA


Alright, I'll spill the beans. I visited and captured tonight's lifestyle photo shoot at one of the most gorgeous places in California with wildflower blooms glowing vibrantly in Valley Center! 

San Diego is filled with color for the first time in a very, very long time. As we recover from the drought that lasted a few years, we not only celebrate fields of green grass (or weeds), but the wildflowers in full bloom along the mountainsides. 

Where to find these vibrant hills? Look no further than Pauma Valley just north east of Escondido. Getting to this very random spot take a bit of patience and safety, as the non inhabited 3 acre lot isn't intended as a tourist attraction. There is a small path that runs up the hill of this property (Not marked as Private Property or no other postings of 'No Trespassing'), which lead to sweeping views of the entire valley along with the south-east facing hillside of yellow and orange blooms. 

Please be cautious of the traffic, but most importantly, please be respectful of nature and the landscape, for sacred and secret areas are so beautiful because of just that- they are secret! 

Array of flowers on the hillside

Array of flowers on the hillside

Photographing local residents and personal close friends of mine who are celebrating the Spring time and a very exciting time in their life. To celebrate love, joy, and being able to go on an adventure from time to time, that's what photography sessions like these are all about.

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