Skylar's 1st Birthday 4.11.2016

Where do I even start with this little one? The second I walked in the door, this little pumpkin just started to smile and shriek of excitement! 

Mommy Amanda and I go wayyy back- all the way to Community College days where I shot one of my very first studio shoots as a model. We worked together literally just weeks after meeting. 

As our friendship grew, I became more and more involved as we went to DePaul University together, studied together, and chatted about boys together. Little did I know the first time I met Nick, I was meeting her baby daddy & husband!

Fast forward a couple of years, I shot their bridal shower, destination wedding in Jamaica, along with the entire vacation that came with it- which was an amazing time! I am so honored that they have not only chose me to be a photographer back then, but now as their dedicated life long photographer to help them grow in many ways than just with photos. 

Happy first birthday, Skylar! I cannot wait for all of your birthdays to come!