Discovering Imperial Beach

The start of the summer reminds me of the time that we spent living in Pacific Beach, San Diego - right off Law & Cass Streets. 

Being so far inland after moving to Escondido, I am most definitely feeling a beach fever and love to move back closer to the coast sooner than later. 

Luckily, my gorgeous model and marketing client is located in Imperial Beach- not only a cute little beach community but one I've never really explored as much as I should have in my 2.5 years living in San Diego. 

This past Friday was spent photographing the gorgeous Martha of Corrales.Associates and some really interesting elements of her favorite place, IB! I had the best time with her and her husband as they toured us around in their golf course to get the full experience. 

The best part about IB is its small-town vibe. Everyone knows each other in passing on the street and the crowd reminds me of those warm souls back in the Midwest! Enjoy some of the first glances that my eye had caught while exploring a new place...