A Workspace worth Living for

Everyone DREAMS of having a work space that is more stylish and comfortable than your own home- its what makes loving what you do, while you're doing it that much more enjoyable. I was fortunate enough to capture this one-of-a-kind space last weekend while shooting interior installments for one of the Chicago North Shore's most successful Interior Designers. 

Randy Heller Pure & Simple Interior Design undertook something huge earlier this year for the business and for the community.

Nestled away on the lush property, the colonial-cottage- ish Design Home yields a fresh surprise inside. The 1925 built home had great structural bones, with lots of potential to make the space inspiring enough for modern designers and artists to thrive.

After searching many homes in East Highland Park, the designer found the EXACT a blank canvas in the quaint neighborhood of Ravinia- the exact home that she later realized an old friend from way back when owned. (Small world, right?!)

Randy and her staff work on the first-level space to create designs, run their day-to-day operations, and consult with clients. The second level doubles as creative art gallery and showcase space for local artists to host openings and gatherings. 

More photos from yours truly coming soon! 

Dana Magnus