Dana Frames Photo + Design has MOVED!

I am so proud to announce the newest location of the workshop & studio... in Escondido, California! 

My husband and I purchased our first home at the end of June, and have been working around the clock since to get it all setup. As of this week, my computer & camera equiptment survived the 45 minute haul up to North County and all plugged in! 

One of the most exciting things is that our home is run 100% on Solar energy, allowing my goal to make Dana Frames Photo + Design truly a sustainable company. All of my cameras from now on will be powered by the abundant sunshine of Southern California, along with my studio and editing stations. 

I apologize for any delay or lack of communication during this transition, but I am sure that by now, things are almost back to normal! I cannot wait for you to try out the new studio space and gather for some great BBQ & Smoked Meats in our backyard. 

Dana Magnus