Flagship Cruises + Sammy & Brian 6.6.2017

Venue: Flagship Cruises
Photography: Dana Frames Photo + Design
Plantable Coasters: Botanical Paper Works
Video Presentation: Hale Productions South Park


Sammy & Brian On Tour, first stop... San Diego! 

This extremely creative way to celebrate their wedding in different states begins as a journey for Sammy & Brian. I met the couple for a quick engagement session and initial meeting at Kate O. Sessions Park on a beautiful Friday night (well, every day in SD is just as pretty!) and they emphasized their desire to have the most candid photographs captured.

One of the most original "presentations" given at a Wedding celebration was display on this 4-hour cruise. The groom fired up his computer and set up a projector screen to play one of the most memorable videos to date. The couple worked with and drank with the South Park production Company, who recreated their love story in the same format as Comedy Central's "Drunk History" show. Tears of ROFL and cuteness were shed throughout the boat... good thing we didn't sink! 

Another thing you may notice would be the men opening buttons on their shirt- each hour, the dudes would unbutton one more. I wasn't just capturing people being strange and fidgeting. Those margaritas started to really set in after our large group shot as we approached the Coronado Bridge.. you will notice that! 

I will leave it up to you to allow these photos to re-live the moments of their kick-off event, The Nuptuals of Brian and Sammy aboard the Quiet Heart, a Flagship Cruise.  This crowd was incredible and so much fun, and my hope is to party with them again sometime soon!