Alyssa & Noah at Home

Photography by: Dana Frames Photo + Design
Story by Alyssa & Noah

One of my favorite parts about this photo session was that it reminded me of the times as a kid that my sisters and I would take off all the cushions from the couches and build little mazes around the living room and play for hours like we had our own little castle space. 

Well, take that amount of giggles and smiles and add another spicy element to the mix- pizza! Yes, we made pizza because what else would you be making for dinner on a Friday night??

I've known Alyssa for about 3 years through a mutual friend and she is one happy, smiling, and easy-to-talk to woman. Intruding in his house, I met Noah for the first time that night for the shoot. Just like her, they made this very intimate photo session comfortable, easy, and very relaxing for both of us without any ounce of awkwardness in the room. I love that about these two and their photos reflect every ounce of fun they shared together that night! Enjoy!