Northfork Farm + Tanner & Alyssa 7.1.2017

Venue: NorthFork Farms (Oswego, IL)
Photographer: Dana Frames Photo + Design (San Diego, CA)
Decor: Bride & Family! 
DJ: DJ's For You

As he puts it after one month, "Most people don't get married, pack up a house, move across country, go on a honeymoon, get a puppy, and start a new job all within 30 days, but even after all that craziness, she still loves me anyway and that's all that matters!" 


Similar to my husband and my story- we got engaged the same day we signed our first lease together in San Diego, leaving our friends, family, and wedding planning in Chicago before we tied the knot. Things move fast, but life is all about what feels right. 

First, here's a peek at some memories from their Amazing Day! 

They chose Northfork Farm in the gorgeous fields of Oswego, IL because of it's charm, friendly atmosphere and how each visit, there was an addition to the space that just kept getting better and better. With the golden light of the summer sun, both of their bright smiles were surrounded by 200+ guests. 

One of the best features of this wedding aside from the delicious BBQ that stuffed everyone's bellies was the patio area next to the space. Alyssa's mom put her years of hosting and entertaining to the test when she constructed a mini-arcade of outdoor games consisting of Cornhole, connect four, giant Jenga, a s'more's fire-pit, and let's not forget the cartoon artist who captured a stunning portrait of each couple. Such a unique touch! 


I can say that after meeting Alyssa and Tanner, they have had their fair share of ups, downs, and exciting times, monumental moments of career changes, moving, and so much more but nothing beats their dedication to one another to always move forward, together. This time, they moved South, but in the best way- to Austin! 

We made the drive across the country this summer for 5 Chicago weddings within 6 weeks. The back-haul roadtrip didn't go without one last adventure, and that was to Austin, TX, where my husband and dog followed Alyssa & Tanner for one last shoot. We wanted to capture their first moments in a brand new city as a newlywed couple, including their 6 week old puppy, Boomhauer!!! Isn't he just the cutest little German -pup you have ever laid eyes on!?


Alyssa, best of luck on your first week back at work, and I hope you and Tanner enjoy every second in Austin, TX! I promise, we will be back!