Burger Eatery / The Bob Cobb

Such a cute place like this (adorable corner storefront with cheeseburgers all over it) couldn't be passed up. I walked past this shop the other day while picking up half of Bob's drycleaning, and had to stop in today for lunch. I was blown away by how affordable and delicious this burger was! 

My choice of burg was the 'Bob Cobb', after taking the worker's suggestion. Side note- I almost ALWAYS take recommendations from the workers, they know what is most popular, and what is best for the most part. 

OH. MY. did this thing melt in your mouth. It tasted almost exactly like a cobb salad with a perfectly cooked slab of meat on the inside. The bun wasn't firm, it was nice and soft to help handle such gooey ingredients. The sauce on this thing was subtle, but the bacon was one of a kind. For under $20, I was able to stuff my face with completely healthy, NON GMO ingredients in a delicious burger!