The Haley Mansion + April & Nick 7.15.2017

it had to be you

The first dance. The father/daughter first look. The amazing venue. The custom designed stationery. The absolute gorgeous bride and groom- April & Nick, you two are one frickin' classy couple! I was in tears of joy/emotion while going through your wedding photos after almost two years in the making of this absolutely incredible day. 

A couple who met in college, then shared the love and dreams of becoming homeowners together, and a couple who works side-by-side at their family-owned business... every, single, day. I think these two have hearts like armor and excitement every time they look at each other. Nick's giant grin says it all, and I admit, I cried when I was going through the photos of his "first glance" at his beautiful bride-to-be walking down the aisle with Mark. Holllyyyy cow!!!! 

I do admit, I am a bit depressed that I will not be photographing another beautiful Sala Wedding for the record since both are now married... honestly, heartbroken! Thank goodness we share so many incredible memories between this and Linsey & Chris' wedding!!! I'll shut up now and let you glance at the photos of this incredible couple and forever family to me!