New York City

Since I've known him, my husband has been a globe trotter as his work takes him to a new place, weekly. As recent college graduates, my main objective was to 1) pay off my loan, and 2) support myself financially. That had meant that photography "full-time" was probably not going to cut it, and I had to use my degree in order to make a starting salary in marketing. 

Over the last two years, as you may have known, I have been working as a Marketing Director at a life insurance wholesaler in San Diego. Well, 30 minutes prior to heading to the airport last Wednesday (for a trip back to Chicago), my boss handed me termination papers. I was laid off, and it felt extremely liberating! It was nothing I had done wrong, rather, the dude just ran out of money to pay his top two employees of the company. 

Having Bob being the man that he is, he told me to focus on what makes me happy, the money will follow. He supports the decision I've made to never look for another 'job' again, since I am not a person that belongs behind a desk. I am not- and that's why being in marketing, I've always chose to work in roles where I am 100% independent, with complete autonomy. 

So, here I am, Bob's wife- a traveling photographer. I am going to try my best to sleep next to him each night after he gets to the hotel room from the office, and me, from a long day on my feet exploring our world behind my lens. Here is my first day at the new office, enjoy this edition of #FramesInNYC


Morning- Jersey City, NJ

Evening- Times Square, New York & Hoboken, NJ