New York City Day 3

Consider today a day where I am EX.HAUS.TED. So tired. 

I've walked a combine total of 30 miles in just 3 days. I think that is a record for me, lately! My body is tired and thankfully today I woke up to a rainy morning and stayed in bed. We leave here to go back to Chicago around 3pm, so I didn't want to do much today (Thursday). 

Wednesday was terrific! I had a late start, as I wanted to wrap up some of these blog posts to share with you a bit of my adventure. But I had an itch that only could be scratched if I went out to capture some more of the overcast day. 

I started the day with lunch at Burger Eatery and strolled through Jersey City one last time. After, I hopped on the PATH to go downtown and visit the largest photo store that I know of- B&H! That area took me to the highline, where I was taking in so many beautiful candids. 

The stairway from the highline back down to the street led me right into this beautiful booth of bright, vibrant, and hilarious art by John. His website can be laughed at here.  I loved his work, and to find out that it had been created entirely on his Samsung Note phone. Crazy stuff! With respect to the artist, I have no photos to show you here, so please visit his site to see what I'm talking about. 

Here's what I came up with behind my lens on Wednesday: