Giuseppe's Proposal to Marilena 9.24.2017

One of the most deserving, most adorable couple I know! Giuseppe and I have known each other for decades, he and his family mean so much to me through all of the eating contests and video game nights over the years.

 I met Marilena for the first time almost 2 years ago, when they first began dating. She was vibrant. She was personable, and she was someone you first meet and can genuinely see the care in her eyes when you talk to her! Similarly enough, those are similar qualities that I found in her counterpart- and now FIANCE- Giuseppe!

From my point of view, I couldn't have pictured a better fit for one another. When Giuseppe hired me to help him plan and capture this proposal, the nerves transferred from him to me so quickly as we both mutually wanted to make this proposal as special and perfect as it could be for such a deserving girl!

Let's please not "squish" one of my most important parts to this whole execution- Lindsey Holzner had such a big part in helping with the coordination & mutual support! GORGEOUS ring designed and created by Conrad London Jewels Ltd!!! Please ask for Deborah and let her help you with a proper Diamond EDUCATION before ever purchasing a piece of jewelry. Photography: Dana Frames Photo + Design