How to create Gallery Walls

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with you a quick glimpse on how I best create gallery walls in my client's homes. There are a couple of things you might want to prepare, and seek out help if you would like an additional visual guide- I can provide a look for you before you start putting nails in the walls. 


For starters, the concept of the gallery wall can be easily achieved with the right plan. I would highly recommend reaching out to me to give you a visual layout of how each of the images will lay next to each other BEFORE you even get your prints made. The crop factor and layout of each photo is different, and I will ensure that each photo is print-ready enabling you to have the best possible layout. See examples below:


Secondly, the secret to all gallery walls is the spacing between frames, where everything else around an even spacing will appear uniform. My best suggestion is to use pieces of paper to lay everything out- you can simply tape your layout on the wall (see steps below)

  1. Cut paper to the approximate size of the frames you will be using. You will need one paper sheet per frame. 
  2. Decide how much spacing you will need between frames, and start to layout your design, measuring an equal spacing around the perimeter of each frame. 
  3. Match the back mount of the frame with that of the paper, and mark a dot to indicate where the nail should be placed. 
  4. Nail or drill your nail or screw directly onto the piece of paper. You will easily be able to rip off the paper, and the nails will remain in place. 
  5. Hang up your gorgeous pieces! 

If you have any questions on your gallery wall projects, please don't hesitate to comment below! 


Dana Magnus