The Most Impactful Valentine's Day & Anniversary Gift

Capturing memories is only a sliver of the service offerings I provide to couples who are either engaged or who have been married for years. 

This project began in November when I felt the impact of how special wedding albums are and just how important quality is. Chris held my wedding sample in his hands and immediately knew that he needed this album for his wife- even though he already had a wedding album. 

18 years have passed and Chris was disappointed to find that the album of images - note, the only images he has from his wedding- was in a state of emergency. The photos were salvigable, as they were printed on archival quality paper, but the presentation and glue that was holding the album together was not easy to hold, view, and enjoy. 

After scanning, retouching, designing, and hand made in Italy, Chris finally was able to showcase his special day without worrying that a book would fall apart, and surprise his wife something incredible for Valentine's Day.