Thank you, 2017!

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Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very amazing New Year Celebration!

This year, Bob and I adopted the sweetest little German Shephard dog - a mutt. He's been quite the adventure between his anxious behavior and his creative escape habits. He's taught me a lot about myself and how much I could care for something and someone other than myself- I say that being married- but this little guy relies on me for just about everything!

Our house has been coming along really well, feeling like we've really set things up as we wanted and hosted a family Thanksgiving this year!

As for Dana Frames, I have incorporated my business and established everything I had to make myself an "official" member of the Escondido Business community. Being in the local community has exposed me to so many political and community concerns that have allowed me to feel that much more connected with the community that I live, work, and play in.

I've also traveled back to Chicago quite a few times, not as much as the 11 trips in 2016, but I feel more comfortable now saying that I have more control over my business work/life balance.

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In 2018, I will be limiting my travel to and from Chicago, but only to be more focused on my community and family here in Escondido. Moving across the country not only is the easiest decision to make for a young, growing couple away from their friends and family, but sometimes it is the best to grow in the way we'd like to grow. I appreciate everyone's support and very optimistic on this new year with everything I've done to set up my personal and professional life during this year's journey.

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