Smile with me

because I'm having too much fun.

LOVING this job- what better career can you ask for than to holding still the moments in life of amazing people and their cherished memories. 

Dana Magnus - wife, dog mom, and work addict, I understand that great photography should not rot away in an abyss lost in your hard drive or social media stream, and I value the lost art of printing photographs as keepsakes, not digital files. 

Services that you can experience when working with me begin with a planned session, a fun day enjoying gorgeous scenergy, and concludes with what you hold in your hands: fine-art product packages that are tangible, shareable, and accessible pieces to last an eternity and displayed beautifully in your home or office.

I qualify my clients on a few simple things- trust, honesty, and appreciation for the process of creating art. 

Photography by MegN Photography
Photography by Hiraeth Diaries