Depending on the length, location, and number of participants of each session, pricing will vary. Please contact me for more information. One-hour sessions begin at $350.

Included in each photography session is a REVEAL session! Sounds exciting, right?

This will be your very first glance at the entire gallery of images captured & prepared just for you that we will share together. These sessions are highly encouraged and included in your portrait session investment. Also, included in each package or portrait session is a downloadable gallery of web-resolution, watermarked images that you are welcome to share on social media.  

During each reveal session, please prepare yourself for which items you are interested and which size you wish to order ahead of time. We will be picking prints & products for your order. You can also view these images online and receive exclusive pricing (20% off for 15 days, 10% within 30 days). 

Albums: If you would like a wedding album or portrait story book from your shoot, you can find out more information by scrolling down for album details.

Photo estimated scale and sizing based on popular couch and furniture sizes

Photo estimated scale and sizing based on popular couch and furniture sizes




After many years in business, my customers felt that they were NOT being serviced 100% of the way if I just sent them digital copies on a USB Drive. 

I have found that many of them were lost, confused, and stranded with no option than to order their magnificent professional investment of images on POOR QUALITY papers, inks, and products. Not to mention, hours spent trying to figure out what to do with these photos. 

For example, they would take their prints to a convenient store print labs (i.e. Walmart, CVS, Costco), colors were off, heads were cropped incorrectly, and overall, the image was presented in the worst way. Customers were NOT happy with the end result. I was not happy to see my work end up the way it did.

 Imagine a 5-Star Chef serving their top dish on a flimsy Styrofoam plate with a "spork." Not professional, not art. Hire professional, capture professional, print professional, preserve professional. 

This is not the experience that my clients deserved, therefore, I will continue to hold their hand until each custom piece of stationary is sent, or beautiful art piece is hung on their walls. 

If this doesn't sound like something you would need, I completely understand and offer the high-resolution digital images at an additional cost. Each USB Drive will be mailed and will include a printing release. If printed elsewhere, I cannot guarantee quality & color correction of the final product. See below: 


Online Downloads with Printing Release

  • Single High Resolution Download $60
  • Gallery Download 2-100 images $450 
  • Gallery Download 101-250 images $500
  • Gallery Download 251-350 images $600
  • Gallery Download 351- 5,000 images $1,000 

 Mailed USB Drive with Print Release
in Wooden Box

  • Box Only $125
  • USB + Box with 0-100 images $550 
  • USB + Box with 101-250 images $600
  • USB + Box with 251-350 images $700
  • USB + Box with 351- 5,000 images $1,125 

*Prices subject to change. Prices do not include shipping + tax. Additional fees may apply. 

Commercial Usage & Licensing

Will include a usage of rights document. All Copyright remains property of Dana Magnus of Dana Frames Photo + Design. Copyright can be discussed at consultation meeting. 

  • Gallery Download 0-100 images $1,000
  • Gallery Download 101-500 images $2,500
  • Gallery Download501- 1000 images $4,000