Hi, who are you?

And how are you? Are you excited about taking photos? or are you stressed because you know your fiancee or little ones are going to make you want to pull your hair out from just getting them dressed for this photo-shoot?

Help me, help you by telling me what your experience has been working with professional photographers in the past. 

Let's get talking with an initial phone call. (630) 297-1691 send me a text if that's easier! 

We cool?

Once you've asked all of your pressing questions about how this miraculous photo session will change your life in the best way possible, I hope to have answered them in your favor and you are ready to sign the contract (click to view/sign).


When you have received verification that the contract has been signed, let's put the date, time, location, and key points on the calendar!

Each portrait session starts around $350 for 1-hour of coverage, and is to be paid 50% of the agreed terms 48 hours before the start of your portrait session.

If you decide that you can't get out of your pajamas the morning of the shoot, let me know ASAP and we can reschedule within 24 hours of notice. No-shows are not cool and your deposit is non-refundable, but I am understanding to honest life situations- just keep me in the know. 

Say Cheese(burgers)!

The day of the shoot itself. Check out the 10 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR AN AMAZING SHOOT to read a bit about what you're in for! 

And, expect to join me for a burger afterwards if you are up for it! (follow @MagnusBurgerQueen on Instagram for my personal burger-eating adventures!)


You aren't dreaming... although the shoot was a blast, it was a REAL thing that happened to you in your awesome life! I prove it by sharing with you a 48-hour (or less!) shareable sneak peek gallery for you to blast on your social media, mass text to friends and family, or keep to yourself to hold all the excitement in until the rest of the photos are unveiled.

Reveal Session

Order UP! 

When 2-3 weeks have passed, your photos have been retouched, and organized for presentation.

The best way to experience the premier of these gorgeous photographs is with a pre-scheduled REVEAL session (live or online) with Dana.

Products, Pricing, and your grand presentation of memories will be discussed across 45 minutes in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to skip the presentation and just purchase digital files, keep reading. 

Exclusive discounts uncovered at each Reveal Session, so order what you need to! Prints, Fine Art Wall mount Displays, Canvas Wraps, and albums will be  ordered only during this meeting. 

On average, each customer will spend $300-$800 additional to the session fee- see below for pricing.