my clients are awesome

Yes, YOU. Your requests, your meticulously planned events, your love, your friendships, your families, and your trust in me is why I dedicate my time behind all these bright, modern photos.  With each customer that takes this journey with me, I hope to establish a long-lasting relationship with each and every business, couple, or family I work with.

My style is simple: I'll do what it takes to allow you to trust me and just relax! As your photographer, I won't ever make you uncomfortable about getting your photo taken, and especially love to work with the distracted dogs, fussy children, and the impatient groom who may not want a life long modeling career- I get it!  With Dana Frames Photo + Design, we have a fun-filled session to create gorgeous finalized products- 'everything for a frame. '



Each Photography package includes an extensive planning process from the initial planning meeting to a stylized event shoot or portraits.

Included in the package is a mailed USB Drive with high resolution images, and a 12-image per page proof book for those who wish to access a tangible product before ordering any album and/or prints. We also include shareable gallery previews for those who wish to see “sneak peek” photos about 48 hours after the event, as well as a full length digital gallery with slideshows and print options for you and your guests.

Packages include:

  • Photography Coverage ON LOCATION with supplemental lighting
  • Fully Developed Itinerary & Location planning
  • Preview Gallery and Full Image Gallery of photos to directly share/print from
  • USB Flash Drive with high resolution digital images(can request additional low resolution)
  • 8.5”x 11” Proof Book containing maximum of 1,000 Images (additional books are available for purchase)